Horse Riding

One of the best ways to see the Dordogne is without doubt on horse back. Leave your car behind, and get onto some real horse power, leave the hussle of the tourists behind and get off the roads and onto the tracks.

1000′s of years ago, there was a very high abundance of wild horses in this region, this can be seen in so many cave paintings found in the region. “Man” has always had a good friendship with horses, and that is still the case today. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, our ancestors would travel to far away places to trade goods, for hundreds of years, and many generations, would follow the same tracks and trails to get to these often remote places. Along the way they would rest at places that have now become villages, hamlets and even towns. These tracks and trails quickly disappeared with the invention of the train and later the automobile.. lost and forgotten forever.. Well almost, we take you on a trip of a lifetime following these long forgotten trails..

Get on a horse and let us retrace the routes our ancestors took hundreds of years ago.