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Anyone planning a visit to the beautiful Dordogne must know that it is virtually ( if not completely ) impossible to get around using “Public Transport”

Most visitors that fly into France rent a car at either one of the airports, or from the place they are staying. There are plenty of places in the Dordogne where you can hire a car. However, more and more people are looking into traveling around by “other” means, and opting out of the pressure of driving a car in a foreign country, and of course the expense of hiring a car and the insurance. So what are the options for these travelers in a place like the Dordogne, where their is no / very limited public transport?.. Well luckily there are a couple of options to see and enjoy the Dordogne without having to hire a car.

allo PhilippeFirst it is VERY important to chose your base wisely, because you will be without a car, so you want to at least be near a few shops, restaurants and hopefully some main attractions.

Les Eyzies de Tayac is without doubt the best place to use as a base, [ we highly recommend Ferme de Tayac ] because there are shops, restaurants, and you can walk to more than a dozen tourist attractions all within a mile radius. Les Eyzies also offers plenty of outdoor activities at your doorstep, such as hiking, canoeing, horse riding and mountain biking.  You can hire top quality bicycles from Aquitaine Bike and have them delivered to your B&B / Hotel and venture off to the must see attractions around Les Eyzies that are too far to walk such as Cap Blanc, Commarque, Forte de Reignac, and Rouffignac just to mention a few.

It would be such a shame to visit the Dordogne and Vezere Valley and not get to see some of the nicest highlights because you are limited without a car, and getting there by bicycle is just too much / far.

This is where Allo Philippe comes to your rescue.

Philippe is a larger than life character that offers a quality, fun and informative tourist taxi and guide service. It is impossible to find anyone that has a bad word to say about Philippe, we can almost guarantee you, that you will want to take him home with you. Allo Philippe knows where to take you, and better still, when to take you.. Don’t worry, you won’t be squeezing into an old Renault 4, Allo Philippe takes you around in comfort, NO loud music in the car, NO need to worry you will be smelling of Gauloise  cigarettes for a week and he does not spend time “texting” while driving.. actually he doesn’t even have his phone turned on when with clients.

Allo Philippe is based in Sarlat, but will pick you up and drop you off wherever you wish.. hey if the price is right, he will probably pick you up in the USA if needed!..

All joking aside, Allo Philippe offers a quality service that works out to be MUCH cheaper and far more relaxed than hiring a car. Spend a few days exploring the area on foot, a few days on the bike and a couple of days with Philippe  and you will have seen and experienced far more than if you had hired a car.

As you can imagine Allo Philippe is very popular and the earlier you can book, the more chance you have of securing your guide. Philippe speaks and understands perfect English.

Allo Philippe

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